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By having a flick trough the pages of this blog, it wouldn’t take too much to understand that I have a certain interest in Swedish culture. That goes without saying the language is among the points of my interest and listening to the radio is a great thing, when you want – as well as learning the language – to learn about the culture of the country. On SverigesRadio’s P4, Sunday is the best day to get an idea of what makes the people of this Nordic country who they are through the music they’ve produced over the past century up to this day. If you share the interest I have for this culture, then you just can’t miss Da Capo, an amazing show playing Swedish songs of the 1940’s 1950’s and 1960’s every Sunday evening. In case you’ve never heard about it, you can always thank me later…




A European Playlist

Because European music doesn’t thankfully reduces itself to Eurovision, here are some nice pieces worth a listen :

Donkeyboy is a Norwaygian pop band, formed nine years ago. Composed of 5 musicans (Cato, Kent Peter, Thomas, Tom and Alexander, Donkeyboy were signed to Warner Music after an employee came across their music on MySpace.

They released 2 albums and their last single “Crazy Something Normal”  came out this year.


Diego Miranda is a Portuguese DJ. He is part of the Portuguese electro/scene that emerged in the Iberian country after what was called the “Underground Sound of Lisbon”. In 2006 and 2007, he won the Best Newcomer DJ Awards from the Portuguese magazine “Dance Club” and the website “Portugal Night”. He’s been the official MTV Portugal DJ since 2010.


Milk Inc. (previously known as Milk Incorporated and briefly known as La Vache in France) is a vocal trance Belgian band that formed in the commercial house-scene 1996. It is currently composed of Linda Mertens, Regi Penxten, Filip Vandueren. The band has released no less than 13 albums as of today, the last one Undercover in 2013 which was #1 in the band’s country for a while. The albums they released in the last 8 years curiously have  curiously been more successful than their first albums.


Ewa Farna is a Polish pop rock singer born almost 21 years ago in the Czech Republic. She came to fame after being discovered by producer Lešek Wronka, whom she released her debut album with ; Měls mě vůbec rád in 2006. Ewa recorded most of her material in both czech and polish.


Delain is a Ducth symphonic metal band formed by former WithinTemptation keyboardist Martijn Westerholt and Charlotte Wessels. Between 2006 and today, the band recorded and released 4 albums. The Human Contradiction came out last month. “All about the rock UK” magazine awarded it the mark of 8/10. After its release, this last album peaked #2 in the UK Rock Chart and it even entered the US Billboard 200 at #182. “April Rain” is a track of their second album of the same title, released 5 years ago.

The Bottoms – 01052014

Every month, Justanotherlight shamelessly proposes you to see the list of the most neglected articles of the website, the ones that have drawn little attention.

As of 01/05/2014:

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The second part of this post focuses on the countries from which people haven’t really wandered around the website, only stopping at one page.


#JoinUs : Coming soon…

With the official album out now, I will be able to work on the reviews and predictions for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest entries.

But to introduce all this I will start quite differently than usual (I mean than what most places or people do) – that is to say with a general overview of all these 37 songs.

I think it’s better to start like this when you’ve listened to the whole album at once without really focusing on how a specific song makes you feel.

Firstable I have to say that after last year’s musical quality, not only couldn’t we get worse, but if this year really stands out, it wouldn’t be for a memorable number of songs that are joyful to listen to – but more especially for the impressive “current” or “modern” tone an outstanding majority of songs impregnate you with.

It’s like the world is back-to-front, since when Eurovision songs actually sound less ridiculous than the mainstream crap overly played on most of European radios? Well, I’d really invite you to be on this year as answer.

Anyways, 37 songs are quite a lot to listen and the first point I just raised made this moment much more enjoyable than quite a few other years.

It makes you thus think that the competition is likely to be tough, like very tough (for once), at least we really hope so this year, because knowing who the winner is way before kinda kills the thrilling side of the contest, and the last year we had that…was in 2003.

On the negative side, a lot of good songs mean a lot of “unfair results” to be expected this and in all cases if not a surprise for the top side of the scoreboard, bad surprises will certainly fill the qualifications phase. Or not, at least if Georgia doesn’t qualify.

As I did last year, the reviews and predictions will focus more on the songs themselves and not especially in comparison to others; so don’t get puzzled if more than 20 are in the end expected to qualify…

What changes now is that I am not going to do this all alone, because my dear mate Joshua from Germany has kindly accepted to do it with me so that you can hopefully have a larger view of our feelings about these 37 entries.

Joshua has been to see the contest live twice (2011, 2013). We’ll see if he can make as good predictions as I do, not that I am challenging him: D

Finally, the last but not least new feature appearing this year for the reviews, is YOUR OWN opinion ! Through the like and dislike buttons, but also the “award a mark” windows which will be made, you’ll be to #JoinUs for this exciting musical journey through Europe.

The Sound – Heat 2

With the success encountered in the first heat of “The Sound”, for which you can still vote here,  I already am taking submissions for the second heat now.

Any song or musical production with a YouTube link will be accepted, the first 8 making it to this first survey. You, your friends, your family, everyone, the world will get to decide the best song of the bunch.

You can make your propositions here in the comments for this article, or on my twitter accound to which you can be redirected by clicking the icon at the top right of the page, or on my facebook account here.

The Melodifestivalen-style organisation will make your vote the most important ; and the most voted songs proceed to a final round where the best of all your submissions will be determined.

Thank you for being so many to wander through our website and share your musical tastes !

Heat 2

1 “Anxiety” Baxter Sonix feat.Kaya (suggested by Jan)

2 “Crying for No Reason”  Katy B (suggested by Erik Karlsson)

3 “Dark Horse” Katy Perry ft. Juicy J (suggested by Guillaume)

4 “Wannabe” Spice Girls (suggested by Chris Darkheart)


Stage en Info-Com / Journalisme


Puisque j’utilise cette plateforme me pour parler de tout et n’importe quoi, autant m’en servir pour faire cette demande libre.

Dans le cadre de ma L3 en Licence d’Information-Communication à l’AMU (Aix-Marseille Université), je recherche un stage dans toute entreprise orientée Info-Com ou employant des chargés de communication afin d’éventuellement les assister.

Comme l’explique cette page, vous comprendrez que j’ai une préférence pour les médias et la presse, préparant en ce moment même mon admission en Master de Journalisme de l’EJCAM dont les concours ont lieu dans quelques mois.

Bien que relativement récentes, mes premières expériences dans les médias se trouvent être riches notamment au niveau culturel puisque j’ai eu l’occasion de suivre une formation d’un semestre en Journalisme Audiovisuel dans le Yorkshire.

C’était très exactement à l’université d’Huddersfield – dont Patrick Stewart se trouve être le doyen – que j’ai pu entre de nombreux projets, réaliser ma première expérience en radio avec entre autres missions l’écriture, la préparation, la production et la présentation d’un programme talk-show hebdomadaire de Septembre 2012 à Février 2013.

J’ai continué à développer mes expériences en radio une fois de retour en France en ne cessant de préparer des chroniques effectuées en direct tout le printemps 2013.

J’ai la conviction que le maintien d’un regard et d’une écoute sur ce qui se fait dans les médias au niveau mondial est indispensable afin de toucher toutes personnes, de la façon le plus directe et efficace, qui y accordent du temps, et ce bien au delà du niveau des contenus.

Animé depuis plusieurs années maintenant par une immense passion pour la Suède et sa culture ; je me devais de faire savoir ici l’intérêt particulier que j’ai dans l’entreprise d’un stage dans ce pays.

La liberté octroyée par les responsables de la licence que je passe en ce moment même permet la réalisation de projets et une saisie d’opportunités uniques ; j’espère que ce post représentera un moyen efficace d’en créer.

Merci de votre attention.

Eurovision 2014 : Finland 1/2

Once again, Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu (UMK) will be the competition to select the Finnish  for the Eurovision Song Contest. 12 songs are competing in the national selection taking tonight a serious turn, since the elimination are starting.

Here is a recap of the 12 songs :

Here are my marks for the songs competing in tonight’s show (0ut of 5) :





The Tops – 011213

Here you’ll find the Top 10 of the most visited posts to be found on this very blog (as of 01 / 12 / 2013) :

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7 | Un festival d’affiches (1960′s) +1

8 | 2002 : Believe – A Spiritual Romance -2

9 | Un festival d’affiches (1950′s) -2

10 | Un festival d’affiches (1970′s) =

The details in red correspond to the moves each entry has made compared to last month.

Eurovision 2014 : Switzerland’s SRF Internet Selection (The best of)

After the worst you can find the selection this year, I had to write an article about the songs I actually found pleasant to listen to and actually liked or even loved and would be glad to see qualifying and why not representing Switzerland at the contest in the end (but that must be for like a tiny percentage of these). So here is the list of the 22 songs that I managed to get my interest and that I would really vote for, and probably will :

01 / 3 For All : Together Forever

02 / Annet Artani : You Got What I Need

03 / Blue Pearl : City of Sound

04 / Colonna Nino : La luce del cuore

05 / Diva Fever : Dancefloor Lover

06 / Dixi : Lass dein Theater

07 / Edona : Over The Limit

08 / Gosia : I’m not afraid

09/ Ilary : Apri il tuo cuore

10 / Jeannine Michele : Another Day

11 / Jerome Mevis : All We Can Do

12 / Junik : Today we save the world

13 / JUST 22 : Aria Nuova

14 / Michael Jones : It’s not impossible

15 / My Body Has Legs : 30 Days and 30 Nights

16 / Norbert : Shine

17 / One Day Remains : Alpha

18 / Ray Isaac : The Cure

19 / Thierry Mersch : Here Again

20 / wash-team : wash wash wash

21 / Yasmina Hunzinger : I still believe

22 / Ray Isaac : Cant stop me dancing

Made your mind up ? Who is/are your favourite(s) ? Voting ends tomorrow at 8.00, there !