#JoinUs : 14 The Netherlands

Pa�ses BajosFred : As difficult as it is to consider the competitive factor of this song, taken on its own, this has to be the most beautiful song this year. I will unashamedly confess that it genuinely brought me tears the first time I listened to it. I really wish the best for them. 10/10

I believe The Netherlands will qualify. Actually, this song in the contest really feels to me like the kind of songs we have at least one every year ; at the beginning very few people see it qualifying, and then more than having it growing, most hypocritical fans only swear by it after the song got a good result these same fans didn’t expect for the song. It’s unfortunately because most who watch Eurovision nowadays (and actually most people in general) just aren’t able to appreciate depth and genuine quality in music that this song will hadly end as high as it trule derserves. So even though qualification for me is something I bet will happen, having them reaching the top 10 verges on the miraculous.

Josha : I think that’s the song which touches me most. It makes me think about travelling, sunset and love. I hope this will not place bad. A good 12th placef or the Netherlands! 8/10

Do you like it ?


What’s your mark ?



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