The Sound – Heat 1

The Sound is a musical poll online thanks to which you not only discover amazing pieces but also get to vote for them.

Heat 1

1 “C’mon & Däns” Cape (suggested by Mariusz Wadowski)

2 “Mange För En Dag” Mange Makers (suggested by Chris Darkheart)

3 “I Feel Free” Paula Seling (suggested by Niko)

4 “Wake Up” AWOLNATION (suggested by Aron De Ridder Schuurman)

5 “I Ain’t Gonna Cry” Mónica Naranjo (suggested by Antonio Altuna Coy)

6 “Gold” Beverly Knight (suggested by Wayne Morgan Williams)

7 “Till The World Ends” Britney Spears (suggested by Zach Thomas)

8 “Straight Into Love” Hannah Mancini (suggested by Jan)

Recap Video

Do you want your submission to be in the second semi final ? Then submit it in the comments here or on my twitter account 🙂

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