Hire me !

What I can do :

Firstable, you will notice while flicking through the archives of this blog, that I write both in french and english ; I have studied english since I was 7 and after 3 years studying literature and civilisation of the english-speaking  world at the University of Provence and the University of Surrey, I got a qualification for that.

My passion for Sweden that I also talk about in the “About me” section has made me learn swedish for over three years now.  I can therefore understand about 3/4 of the stuff I read on tweets and Swedish websites and I hopefully will be able to try wrtiting some articles in that language soon. I however need more training to understand the speaking, and I listen a lot of radio and even watch programs sometimes on SVT Play for that. I really believe that the startling closeness of sounds and spelling to the other Nordic languages like danish and norwaygian, represent on its own one great reason to learn swedish, for someone who loves languages and works in the medias like me.

I can create logos, though using basic softwares.

I really like imagining; thnking of nice ways to design and picture stuff. And this you can found out in these posts :




and when I don’t get to make the pictures/logos myself, I love to analyze and comment them which something I have learning to do for about 10 years now :

(in french)




– I obviously make album reviews that will you find on this very website.
– I can translate complex texts in French / English.
– I have a good understanding of Swedish and Spanish for I have studied both at university.
– I can make some complex excel sheets too (helped by the fact I actually am very into facts and figures of international television events).
– I make some nice pieces of video editing

I am indeed fascinated by Cinema and it is while doing Cinema studies that I have learnt how to analyse pictures. These studies also awakened in me a passion for screen writing/scriptwriting, so much that I have worked on several projects like a film when I was 17 and a short film one year later that I have come to direct with a real team and some real actors ; a genuinely fulfilling experience. I therefore also like to write film analysis and reviews.

My creative side also gets me to very often have new ideas that I would love to work on and develop for radio and television ; but I don’t think I will be able to do anything as long as I am not in contract anywhere and I am very aware not to be too trustful about this.

When it comes to actual professional experiences : I have worked at a fair variety of places and filling a wide range of tasks. This way I have worked in the past as sales assistant, teaching assistant, bar staff.

But it won’t be a surprise for you to learn, if you’ve come to read this far, that the most fulfilling of all was for me to work at radio stations as presenter, producer, writer, commentator and sound manager and I really am working hard to be able to live off this kind of businesses one day soon.

Concretely, at the moment (November 2013), this is how I spend my time :

-Working on a kind of photo coverage/magazine the first numbers of which I shall put online in the forthcoming weeks.

-Writing the script of a television series, I would love to realise one day (Episode 10 out of 16 planned episodes)

-Obviously studying ; communication, journalism – information at the AMU (Aix-Marseille University)

– Working for several chains of stores 2 to 3 times a week. (commercial stuff, you know, lol)

-Writing format that I would like to propose to several television networks in a hopefully close future.

-Finally there of course are all the little activities this blog requires for it to be readable for you guys (graphic designing, editing, analysing the news and writing articles, reviews, pictures…and I really love doing that)


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