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By having a flick trough the pages of this blog, it wouldn’t take too much to understand that I have a certain interest in Swedish culture. That goes without saying the language is among the points of my interest and listening to the radio is a great thing, when you want – as well as learning the language – to learn about the culture of the country. On SverigesRadio’s P4, Sunday is the best day to get an idea of what makes the people of this Nordic country who they are through the music they’ve produced over the past century up to this day. If you share the interest I have for this culture, then you just can’t miss Da Capo, an amazing show playing Swedish songs of the 1940’s 1950’s and 1960’s every Sunday evening. In case you’ve never heard about it, you can always thank me later…




The Bottoms – 01052014

Every month, Justanotherlight shamelessly proposes you to see the list of the most neglected articles of the website, the ones that have drawn little attention.

As of 01/05/2014:

The Sound – Spring 2013 : Semi Final 2 1
One bookmark 1
5 Pictures of 1
iTunes ? 1
Précipice 1
A l’intention de France 3… 1
The only = The one ? 1
Fats Domino : This Is Fats 1
Agnes : Veritas 1
Eurovision 2014 : Sweden (4/4) 1
Radio recommendation : WUCF – FM 1
100 Words about Beverley Knight 1
The Bottoms – 0804214 1
iTunes ? 1
Eurovision 2014 : Greece 1
Time to “Join” 1
01JF13 : Semi Final 2 Results 1
Eurovision 2014 : Sweden (3/4) 1
Un souffle du passé 1
01JF13 : Semi Final 1 Results 1
5 Pictures of 1


A trip to Stockholm : Day 3 1
Eurovision 2014 : Norway (3/3) 1
Congratulations Heilsarmee ! 1
#JoinUs : 13 Portugal 1
#JoinUs : 10 Belgium 1
A radio script : Challenges 1
#JoinUs : 09 Ukraine 1
(unknown or deleted) 1
#JoinUs : 14 The Netherlands 1
(unknown or deleted) 1
01JF13 : Semi Final 4 1
La Provence de Frédo : 01 Venelles 1
2014 1
iTunes? 1
The Tops – 040214 1
01JF13 : Second Chance Round 1

The second part of this post focuses on the countries from which people haven’t really wandered around the website, only stopping at one page.


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Moi qui suis fan de séries comme vous pouvez le voir notamment dans cet article, j’ai longtemps suivi Grey’s Anatomy dont je trouvais réellement qu’elle méritait son succès jusqu’à ces 2-3 dernières années. De nos jours le côté dramatique avec des saisons ou il n’y a pas un seul épisode qui ne donne pas envie de se suicider s’est beaucoup trop développé à mon goût – couplé à cette façon qu’elle a de vous rendre hypocondriaque – et même regarder Les feux de l’amour est limite devenu plus marrant…j’ai arrêté à la fin de la saison 7 qui correspond parfaitement à cette page que j’avais marquée. Elle est en faite tirée d’un blog de fan qui a eu l’idée intéressante de retranscrire tous les monologues –souvent remarquablement écrits- de Meredith. Donc si vous êtes fan de la série et que vous aimez lire, ca devrait vous plaire !

PS : vu que je suis manifestement bilingue à un point que je ne fais plus la distinction entre les deux langues, je suis désolé de vous apprendre que le site est en réalité en anglais, langue avec laquelle, par ailleurs je devrai réécrire cet article…

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This week, the bookmark is a seasonal one. As you’re going to notice, there actually is quite a lot of different articles on the website listing the different cinematic works related to the most popular holy day of the year (in western countries).

Only on this page, there are no less than four links leading you to those lists, the last one leading to a list of articles itself, so actually quite a lot of Christmas related films to discover or even to laugh at the titles, if you prefer to feel the “Christmas spirit” from a distance, and – let’s be honest- alcohol, which is greatly consumed at the time of the year, will probably help it.


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I am a huge fan of the Scream films.

Scream 4, released over 2 years ago now, probably is the most “reworked” one, from the first written version to the version we finally had on our screens. As I remember reading at the time, even the version at the official presentation in January in Los Angeles was different than the one eventually released worldwide in April…

If you like the Scream films too, this link will propose you thus a kind of website, blog dedicated to all the scenes and parts that we didn’t get to see in the final, final cut of April 2013. I think this is very interesting because more than a dozen scenes are there and available to see through YouTube links mainly and as to each is/her own tastes, you might find some cut scenes more interesting than you think…

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This blog’s third bookmark article is gonna be a lazy one.

Whenever you’re bored, which is something that can happen quite often, no matter if you happen to be a busy person or not – yeah this sentence actually makes sense (has it never really happened to you not to want to do anything and not knowing what to do when you have a whole lot of stuff do keep you busy for days?), well I guess this website can be a nice way to relax and maybe have fun.

It’s the lazy article cheaply promoting a cheap site, because actually good sites deserve (of course) more than this, but who knows ? you might actually like it a lot !

You don’t have to thank me now; Christmas is round the corner, though.

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This week’s bookmark will greatly interest you especially if you’re a lot into photography, or if you just like looking at pictures. Jean-Marc Pannier’s profile on flickr really grabbed my attention, firstable by the impressive number of albums he’s got, of an impressive number of places he has visited (this guy seem to have genuinely toured the world !) and we can only sincerely thank him for sharing such beautiful pictures that you will thus find here classified by albums or here for the pictures of my home area.


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To “lighten” the atmosphere of this site I thought I would launch a few new features to bring a bit more of a personal touch into it, like « One bookmark » basically proposing you to have a peak at my personal favourite bookmarks of the internet, so that you can get– in a straight forward manner – a better picture about my tastes.

The 1ST bookmark is on the very artistic website which contributors’ pieces are very accessible and delightful to flick through, anytime,


You can find stuff about anything and everything there and of all kinds there. It’s a cool place where I found this cool American user who has got in his “deviations” stuff like this amazing picture ;

Have a nice look ! Maybe your page will be the next bookmark !