About me

My name is Frederic Tonton and I am deeply in love with Provence, which is the French area where I was born.

I have a passion for Sweden ; its culture, its music, its people, its food and its language that I started learning a few years ago now.

This Nordic country however isn’t in the list of countries I have been to yet ; thue current going like this : Luxembourg, Belgium, Switzerland, United Kingdom and France.

I generally am willing to try as many things as possible because that’s what life is for.

One of my goals would be to work one day for either television, radio, newspapers or all of them at the same time trying as many roles as possible because I find it all very fascinating, and these would be great ways to realise different projects that my overly creative side offer me and make me write. Yes, I like writing a lot, haha.

After working for local radio stations both in the United Kingdom and in France, which is something I really enjoyed doing, I am now studying to get a degree in Information – Communication at the AMU (Aix – Marseille Université) in 2014. I also am intending during this time to get as much work experience as possible to hopefully get on a national network soon.

I am not seeking popularity at all ; I am a very shy person, and I do not know nor like selling myself much. I mainly focus on the “content” rather than on the “package” and it’s really because I feel the need to share things with the very rich cultural background I have that I want to work in the medias and make it my main occupation.

Hopefully this blog will be as useful to me as I wish to be helpful to people by proposing my different ideas…

I am looking for a job in case you still didn’t get it, lol.


3 thoughts on “About me

  1. I wish you all the best with you search for a job and keep in touch with your creative side 🙂

    Thanks for the mention in your post it was a really nice surprise to read your comments.

    Keep smiling

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