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A trip to Stockholm : Day 4

On the final day, I woke up quite early to have this view by the window.



A quad in the centre of Stockholm with a window like roof for some offices that were underground. I thought this looked cool.

Also there was an old style lift in the building, apparently of a kind you can sit in…


For our last morning in the Swedish capital, we thought a visit to Ikea would be unavoidable especially considering that Stockholm obviously holds the world’s biggest store…


20131105_112807 20131105_114015 20131105_114050 20131105_115918 20131105_121630 20131105_121649 20131105_122407

After this nice domestic like trip where I found out that I could actually understand really well when real people were really speaking to me in Swedish, we took the free Ikea bus, to go back to the centre of Stockholm. Yeah Ikea bus, it’s free and it’s really good when the Ikea is quite a few miles away from the city centre, like pretty much all the commercial zones in the world….

Our final stop was quick but not unpleasant. It took us the southern quarter of the city ; Södermalm, leaving thus no main part of Stockholm unvisited by the end of our trip. There, we went to the Söderhallarna  (the southern halls), a bit like a shopping centre with a very pleasant inside market.

20131105_131301 20131105_131307 20131105_131311

And although I didn’t take pictures of it because I was too busy buying half of the stuff in it, we also stopped at The English Shop, which I wish existed in France too.

We headed to the city’s coach station afterwards, to get our Flygbuss back to Skavsta Airport. Finally, we enjoyed a wonderful sunset coming like a delightful present to end this stay in the best of ways.