Gabriel (2007)

If entertaining was the goal set by the team behind this film, I am afraid they missed it.

Gabriel is the kind of film you can hardly imagine who would love to watch it with the aim to spend a genuinely enjoyable moment. Because like entertaining, enjoyable isn’t either quite a good word to refer this film to.

The action of the film takes place in purgatory and as the names says it, archangel Gabriel is the one we follow here in his fight to literally rid the hell out of the place and save the souls of its inhabitants. There you have it ; my open-mindedness made me watch a film that reveals the likelihood of its quality, or the lack of, right in its synopsis. Indeed, how can you pretend to ever make a good film out of this?

Okay, the number of films that managed to reach some goals with worse initial plot lines than what we have here is uncountable by now, but at least, millions were spent for most of them to make up for the lack of creativity in the scenario.

Gabriel was made with $140,000. It’s not obvious, but you can see it. Or actually you can’t ; it’s way too dark in every way. It’s almost annoying to see it grossed ten times the budget spent because the incredible lack of depth of the characters and the ridiculous tone of some lines that just shouldn’t be told at some specific moments tend to kill the credibility of this film.

The few interesting idea that we can however find there are unfortunately not enough exploited to prevent the dramatic moments from falling apart. It’s like there is an extra useless/counterproductive line in most scenes of the film, the kind of line coming like a straw breaking the camel’s back.

Instead of making them speak too much it would have been more interesting to have a nicer work on the framing of the characters and how they could have been much more than just people randomly finding themselves there to fight against each other. Because a fight really is what watching this film until the end represents.







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