Let me introduce myself

Hey, my name is Joshua Reduch and I’m the latest member of justanotherlight !

10152487_647220792009739_434556342_n I’m 20 years old and my current occupation is being a student at a school with a focus on economy topics. In a couple of days, I’ll take my  finals tests. So, wish me luck! I got to know my good friend Frederic in early April via Facebook and since then I try to contribute as much as I  can to this wonderfull website in my little free time between studying, working and sleeping.

 The city of Trier in the western part of the well-known country of Germany right next to Luxemburg is my hometown. Trier is famous for its  Roman buildings and history. Many Romans came to Augusta Treveroum (the Roman name of Trier) to have a nice vaccation. It’s worth a  visit! The people here are very chill and they love to have a cup of coffee after a succesfull day of work in the sun.

 In late fall, I wil attend university to learn everything about the world of media and all of its different aspects. My dream is to become a TV  producer and push the german TV shows to new boundaries. It’s amazing to see that Television still manages to attract millions of people in  the time of Smartphones and Internet. Hopefully, you will hear from me soon!

 My big passion is of course the Eurovision Song Contest in all its colors, tunes and flags. 2003 was the first contest I really remember,  although my mum says that I danced to the Olsen Brothers and „Fly on the wings of love“ when I was 5 years old, but I can’t remember that.  What a shame..

 All in all, I was amazed by the songs, the beautiful stage and the amazing postcards in Riga and still I consider the 2003 Contest as one of the  best! Although their budget is extremly small compared to the millions being spent for the construction of the Baku Crystal Hall.

Since then, I watch the ESC every year together with my friends and family. I love the heated conversations between my friends about Scandinavian Europop and Balcan ballads.

In 2010, a young german girl named Lena Meyer-Landrut managed to make my dream come true and won the ESC in Oslo with „Satellite“. That evening my mum approached me and said: „I will do everything to get us to the Eurovision in Germany.“ And after hours in front of the laptop we got our tickets and drove to Düsseldorf. It was a great time inside the Eurovision bubble! Seeing the fans, the press center and even some artists backstage was a pure joy.

Just two years later, I went to my second Eurovision adventure to the glorious city of Malmö together with my best friend Heike. I always loved the Swedish language and its people, but the second I touched Swedish ground, I knew that Sweden is the land of my dreams. From the open-minded people to the special Swedish cuisine: Sweden is a country everyone has to expierence in their life.

By the way, I also saw the Malmö Arena thanks to my Danish friends! It was „just“ the Family Final on Saturday Afternoon. But the spirit in the Arena was exciting and I got goosebumps when everyone cheered Emmelie when she performed „Only Teardrops“ and everybody sang along.

I’m currently planning my trip to Austria for next year’s Eurovision. Let’s hope I will get there safe!

Thanks for reading!! I will try to entertain you as good as I can in the next articles to come! Have a nice day!!


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