Let me introduce myself

Hey, my name is Joshua Reduch and I’m the latest member of justanotherlight !

10152487_647220792009739_434556342_n I’m 20 years old and my current occupation is being a student at a school with a focus on economy topics. In a couple of days, I’ll take my  finals tests. So, wish me luck! I got to know my good friend Frederic in early April via Facebook and since then I try to contribute as much as I  can to this wonderfull website in my little free time between studying, working and sleeping.

 The city of Trier in the western part of the well-known country of Germany right next to Luxemburg is my hometown. Trier is famous for its  Roman buildings and history. Many Romans came to Augusta Treveroum (the Roman name of Trier) to have a nice vaccation. It’s worth a  visit! The people here are very chill and they love to have a cup of coffee after a succesfull day of work in the sun.

 In late fall, I wil attend university to learn everything about the world of media and all of its different aspects. My dream is to become a TV  producer and push the german TV shows to new boundaries. It’s amazing to see that Television still manages to attract millions of people in  the time of Smartphones and Internet. Hopefully, you will hear from me soon!

 My big passion is of course the Eurovision Song Contest in all its colors, tunes and flags. 2003 was the first contest I really remember,  although my mum says that I danced to the Olsen Brothers and „Fly on the wings of love“ when I was 5 years old, but I can’t remember that.  What a shame..

 All in all, I was amazed by the songs, the beautiful stage and the amazing postcards in Riga and still I consider the 2003 Contest as one of the  best! Although their budget is extremly small compared to the millions being spent for the construction of the Baku Crystal Hall.

Since then, I watch the ESC every year together with my friends and family. I love the heated conversations between my friends about Scandinavian Europop and Balcan ballads.

In 2010, a young german girl named Lena Meyer-Landrut managed to make my dream come true and won the ESC in Oslo with „Satellite“. That evening my mum approached me and said: „I will do everything to get us to the Eurovision in Germany.“ And after hours in front of the laptop we got our tickets and drove to Düsseldorf. It was a great time inside the Eurovision bubble! Seeing the fans, the press center and even some artists backstage was a pure joy.

Just two years later, I went to my second Eurovision adventure to the glorious city of Malmö together with my best friend Heike. I always loved the Swedish language and its people, but the second I touched Swedish ground, I knew that Sweden is the land of my dreams. From the open-minded people to the special Swedish cuisine: Sweden is a country everyone has to expierence in their life.

By the way, I also saw the Malmö Arena thanks to my Danish friends! It was „just“ the Family Final on Saturday Afternoon. But the spirit in the Arena was exciting and I got goosebumps when everyone cheered Emmelie when she performed „Only Teardrops“ and everybody sang along.

I’m currently planning my trip to Austria for next year’s Eurovision. Let’s hope I will get there safe!

Thanks for reading!! I will try to entertain you as good as I can in the next articles to come! Have a nice day!!



Puisque c’est la période des concours en ce moment, autant en faire profiter…





Parmi les “événements” qui ont marqué l’actualité le week-end dernier, il y a eu notamment cette sombre histoire impliquant une actrice pourtant très aimée ; Reese Witherspoon, qui a été placée en détention vendredi soir dernier pour conduite dangereuse sous l’emprise d’alcool.

Et oui, une de plus qui non seulement conduit bourrée mais en plus s’en prend aux forces de l’ordre pour ne pas faire les choses à moitié.

Ainsi, elle aurait annoncé aux agents qui l’ont contrôlés elle et son mari âpres leur avoir demandé si ils savaient qui elle était ; « Vous êtes sur le point de savoir qui je suis. Vous serez dans la presse nationale. » C’est en l’occurrence son nom à elle que l’on a malheureusement (eh oui c’est bete hein ?) bien pu lire partout le week end dernier et pas que dans la presse nationale, et pas que dans la presse à scandale.

Mais c’est l’alcool qui a parleé; et au delà de ça, la boisson aurait même inspire l’actrice qui aurait également lâché d’un ton dramatique âpres que les agents lui aient demandé de se rasseoir dans son véhicule : « Je suis une citoyenne américaine  et j’ai le droit de me tenir debout sur le sol américain ».

Il semblerait cependant que c’est plus du droit d’être conne dont elle aurait apparemment bien joué ; en représentant si bien une nouvelle raison pourquoi, les célébrités pour la plupart, ont beau être des modèles, mais seulement quand ils sont au travail.

Reese Witherspoon

N’est-ce franchement pas le rêve de tout d’acteur d’avoir une telle photo publiée dans la presse internationale ?

Souriez, vous êtes flashés !

Les 569 radars qui ont été installés tout au long de l’année 2012 en plus des cabines déjà en place ont opéré plus de 21 millions de fois en 2012 comme nous le révèle le magazine Autoplus, dernièrement. Ce ne sont donc pas de moins de 730 millions d’euros d’infractions commises, surtout devant les appareils du classement suivant :



Pour plus d’infos (ou de précaution) :




Montenegro, against the flow

The 6th name to compete at the forthcoming Eurovision Song Contest had been announced today, and it’s Who See.

The Montenegrin national public broadcaster, RTCG has made the uncommon choice to send a hip-hop duo to represent this Balkan country, which has been independent for a bit more than 6 years now.

Who See is composed by Dedduh (Dejan Dedović), from Kotor, and Noyz (Mario Đorđević), from Herceg Novi who have been on the scene for over ten years and are famous for titles like “Pozovite neke drolje” (“Invite some sluts”) with rappers Ajs Nigrutin and Prti Bee Gee or “Dim po dim” (“Puff after puff”) , their first demo track.

The duo has  released 2 albums so far : Sviranje kupcu in 2006 and Krš i drača (2012).

We wish the best of luck to Montenegro which is yet to progress to the final stage, after 5 attempts, the most successful on record being  Andrea Demirović’s who finished 11th of the first semi-final 3 years ago in Moscow.


A radio script : Challenges

There aren’t a lot of challenging experiences like the one to live abroad and evolve within a society which initially doesn’t share a lot, with the one you come from, or you think doesn’t. For a lot of people, it unfortunately isn’t a choice. Does it make it even more challenging? I was lucky to have the choice even though for people like me, a choice, I believe, wouldn’t be the best label.  Indeed, for many of us, it appears more like an opportunity.  A great opportunity. And even though that might sound surprising, I tend to believe, that the “opportunists” as I guess I can call myself, have to face more challenges, than the ones who find themselves here, because they didn’t have the choice.

When you take an opportunity, jump on an occasion, you try to make and take the best of it, don’t you? Now, do you think people who feel forced to do things are going to enjoy it? It’s painful more than anything to be in that situation, hence why; these people are less inclined to take these challenges. And I guess this is how the identity crisis, a term we can hear a lot recently in the news, starts to appear. Learning  a bit more about the language, the culture, the society itself, the law…all these challenges and battles, once won, make you feel more and more part of this “step-society” as I funnily call it.  It’s your own life that you are living there after all, and even though you never thought or wanted to be here, this is where your own world and perception lies! Not willing to take these challenges can therefore be finally more harmful to yourself than to others! I do feel it’s like a battle to win every day; to do everything possible, to be part of a group, and fit in.

How hard you fight doesn’t especially mean how ashamed you are, or can be of your origins, so much that you want to erase them. I actually see all this, the exact opposite! It’s not being ashamed of its own origins!

Because on the contrary when you are willing to go through all kinds of experiences living abroad may lead to, and actually do it, it is more a proof of how able you are to do this and how proud you are of it.

Like many of our ancestors were proud of fighting wars for their country even at the price of their own lives, you can only feel pride when you know that you have taken this kind of missions. The kind of mission that consist in perpetuating, what they all fought for; that is to say peace among nations and people.  And if I have decided to do this, I want people to know,  that it’s also because I am infinitely grateful for the courage our ancestors had, to face the challenges, of their times.

Congratulations Heilsarmee !

If there is something that the Swiss public has proven yesterday, it’s that they still happen to make a good choice, every once in a while.

So like it has not happen since 2010, from my personal point of view, Switzerland is sending a decent song to the next Eurovision.

Heilsarmee’s the band’s name, meaning that they’re no other than representative of the actual Swiss salvation army, a bit like the glee club of the previously mentioned, and composed among others by a 94 year-old bass player, this group won’t fail to make quite a few headlines nearer the time of the contest in May 2013.

Their title is “You and Me”, just like Netherlands 2012’s entry as the difference that this one actually is lively and catchy, the army side remarkably well represented in the sounds.

It is thus a completely deserved victory for this song that I found, only after the first listening, by far, the best one in this competition which featured 8 other entries.

In details, I awarded it the mark of 3.5/5 when my average score for this year’s Swiss national final is 2.55/5 saying quite a bit about the impressive level they offered in general, once again, this year…

Among the other contestants, I have to say that Jesse also was in my top 3 with his fresh and modern and modern song.

I really understood the appeal people could have for the runner-up Carrousel without nevertheless never really feeling it, when I listened to it.

Finally, I am glad that Melissa didn’t manage to win it all as expected by many and especially the basic “eurofans” who often tend to have very basic tastes including many poor songs when we get closer to their composition.

“The Point of No Return” was an appalling entry which only pretension was to be associated to a kind usually popular, but more when it is well worked/made ; meaning professional, fresh and with a real attempt to innovate, not a pale copy of copies themselves of previous Eurovision or event current songs that aren’t even that successful…

Full results of Die grosse Entscheidungs Show

Draw Artist Song Vote Result Channel
1 Ally “Catch Me” 0.79 % 9 RSI
2 Chiara Dubey “Bella sera” 9.04 % 5 RSI
3 Carrousel “J’avais rendez-vous” 17.26 % 2 RTS
4 Anthony Bighead “Do the Monkey” 5.66 % 7 SF
5 Heilsarmee You and Me 37.54 % 1 SF
6 Nill Klemm “On My Way” 1.69 % 8 RTS
7 Melissa “The Point of No Return” 9.72 % 4 SF
8 Nicolas Fraissinet “Lève-toi” 6.55 % 6 RTS
9 Jesse Ritch “Forever & A Day” 11.75 % 3 SF

Hello world!

Because sharing is one of the most important things in life, I hope sharing my views and opinions with you will make you discover things and see them under “just another light”. Welcome to all of you.