Sanna Nielsen : I’m In Love (2011)

Released on March 2, 2011

1 Devotion : HIT

Sounds like a Celine Dion track without the screaming.

2 I’m In Love : HIT

It can only be a hit. Lol

3 Part Of Me : HIT

Pleasant song to listen

4 Not Afraid To Love : HIT

This sounds a bit more like Celine Dion for the screaming but still manages to be pleasant.

5 If You Were Mine : MISS

There’s no real catch in this

6 Can’t Stop Love Tonight : HIT

This sounds very Swedish

7 Demolition Woman : MISS

Nothing exciting about it, this style doesn’t suit her at all, and thus why it also sounds so messy.

8 This Time Love Is Real : HIT

Very nice.

9 Take Me Home : HIT

Pleasant song.

10 Foolish Heart : HIT

Curious tone in this song, sounding quite different than the rest heard so far.  There’s a kind of interesting energy in it.

11 Just Like That : HIT

Great dramatic tone in it, really sounds like a movie soundtrack. Not sure if it’s wholly as pleasant on the though.

12 Paradise : HIT

Correct ending for a pretty good album in general.

This album is pretty good on the whole, and really makes us understand how the future success happened because it all appears as the natural continuity of this. What I like about this album is that it can be quite surprising in quality, especially when as a Melodifestivalen/Eurovision fervent you’d expect more songs like I’m In love, and not surprising in the wrong way.


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