#JoinUs : Coming soon…

With the official album out now, I will be able to work on the reviews and predictions for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest entries.

But to introduce all this I will start quite differently than usual (I mean than what most places or people do) – that is to say with a general overview of all these 37 songs.

I think it’s better to start like this when you’ve listened to the whole album at once without really focusing on how a specific song makes you feel.

Firstable I have to say that after last year’s musical quality, not only couldn’t we get worse, but if this year really stands out, it wouldn’t be for a memorable number of songs that are joyful to listen to – but more especially for the impressive “current” or “modern” tone an outstanding majority of songs impregnate you with.

It’s like the world is back-to-front, since when Eurovision songs actually sound less ridiculous than the mainstream crap overly played on most of European radios? Well, I’d really invite you to be on this year as answer.

Anyways, 37 songs are quite a lot to listen and the first point I just raised made this moment much more enjoyable than quite a few other years.

It makes you thus think that the competition is likely to be tough, like very tough (for once), at least we really hope so this year, because knowing who the winner is way before kinda kills the thrilling side of the contest, and the last year we had that…was in 2003.

On the negative side, a lot of good songs mean a lot of “unfair results” to be expected this and in all cases if not a surprise for the top side of the scoreboard, bad surprises will certainly fill the qualifications phase. Or not, at least if Georgia doesn’t qualify.

As I did last year, the reviews and predictions will focus more on the songs themselves and not especially in comparison to others; so don’t get puzzled if more than 20 are in the end expected to qualify…

What changes now is that I am not going to do this all alone, because my dear mate Joshua from Germany has kindly accepted to do it with me so that you can hopefully have a larger view of our feelings about these 37 entries.

Joshua has been to see the contest live twice (2011, 2013). We’ll see if he can make as good predictions as I do, not that I am challenging him: D

Finally, the last but not least new feature appearing this year for the reviews, is YOUR OWN opinion ! Through the like and dislike buttons, but also the “award a mark” windows which will be made, you’ll be to #JoinUs for this exciting musical journey through Europe.


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