Eurovision Song Contest 2013 : Reviews and predictions (4/7)

7 songs are reviewed in this 4th part also proposing predictions about the outcome of the contest.

For the prediction/expectation part of each song, you have to know that I am making comments only focused on the song itself and not in comparison to the others, explaining why you will probably find more or less (and this year surely less) than 10 song in each semi final that I predict to be in the final. If you wanna have a clearer idea of what I mean, it’s more or less an expectation on as if the song was taking part in any Eurovision, not especially 2013, as if the song deserves to be in A Eurovision final or not.


The verses of this song sound very uneasy ; there is not harmony at all in them. Thankfully the chorus are more pleasant to listen but not that much. It really doesn’t sound modern at all and doesn’t really show the qualities of Farid’s voice. This entry in on the whole very average on the negative side ; another song making this year’s contest very weak in musical quality. This barely deserves a final.

Prediction : On the song itself competing in general, this narrowly reaches a final, finishing 15-20 there. But it’s Azerbaijan so it will finish WAY TOO MUCH higher than this with a top 8 finish for sure, they’ve never ended lower anyway.


This is just great and very warmly welcome in a year/contest like 2013. It is full of energy of enthusiasm, you just want to let yourself go with the powerful and vigorous flow that comes out of this song. It’s extremely catchy and really makes you want to move along. It is highly efficient and competitive.

Prediction : This song will pass the semi final finishing quite high from 3rd to 6th. In the final, I will end near the top ten, left side of the scoreboard I would bet.


Very relaxed and pleasant atmosphere in this song. It’s very sweet and very simple although the lyrics may sound a bit creepy “It’s time to follow her tomorrow”. The effect on the whole is quite positive although there is in this song a non negligible lack of competitive factor, which could paradoxically play for its good.

Prediction : I wanted to say that if “This Is The Night” passed in 2012, this should win ! More seriously, I can see it qualifying but struggling to get there, so borderline for Malta.


This sounds very promising on the first notes but then the pipes start and it’s a huge downfall followed during 3 minutes by more or less successful attempts to get us back high again. This song in general places itself no where near Water (Bulgarian 2007 entry by the same couple of artist – only Bulgarian qualification so far and best result = 5/24) in which there was a remarkable, brilliant work on elements to make their world, their music, very accessible. The ways of this song sound less open and the direction is much harder to follow, with an energy, although still very powerful here, much less harmoniously channelled.

Prediction : I would be surprised to see this qualifying. But I somehow refuse to believe that their result will be that negative. It’s going to be borderline for them ending very narrowly, either way.


This is EXTREMELY BEAUTIFUL. Music / Instruments / Voice (and the lyrics that I don’t really get but still sounding very nice) everything there is perfectly assembled to offer a wonderful result in which the emotions are remarkably well conveyed to leave you breathless towards the end.  Talent, Beauty and Emotion for what I greatly consider as the best entry in this Eurovision Song Contest 2013. Good luck Eythor.

Prediction : This will qualify. In the final, I see Iceland finishing in the bottom half of the left side of the scoreboard (6th to 13th).


I believe there are some valuable elements in this song although it may at first sound like a bad joke entry. And it probably is the energy canalised in a not so unpleasant way making it sound quite like not only a Greek but a universal party song. There is a certain sense of familiarity in it although not recalling specifically another song and this plays a lot in its favour.

Prediction : I expect this song to finish higher than most people would see it ending at. They will easily pass the semi final and finish around the middle of the scoreboard in the final.


The first notes of this song quickly unveil a certain power (through a beat) that we can hear again later through the singer’s voice. This piece is interesting by the direction is takes and these very honourable and welcome choices to propose something very set and tainted with the country it represents unlike many other entries this year and this is very pleasant.  The remarkable built up to the end of the song make it very efficient.

Prediction : The juries will love it and play their part in this song’s success.  It will qualify and finish in the middle of the scoreboard.


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