Time to “Join”

20th, December 2013 and here we are again, about to begin this exciting journey that is for all fans of the glittery, kitsch, happy, ridiculous, scandalous (and many other adjectives of quite a long list that could be used to define it) : Eurovision Song Contest.

Although the contest itself is set to take place on the first fortnight of May 2014, Ukraine – not quite referred to in the news for its stable political situation at the moment –  is opening the game tomorrow, as originally planned at least, with no less than 20 entries competing to represent the country in Copenhagen.

If everything goes well, we should know by the beginning of the afternoon who it will be and what it will sound like, Albania making its choice no later than a week after.

Now and as every single year, we haven’t had any song chosen yet that scandalous, unfair, blameworthy choices and decisions have been made, and there already is lots of subjects to discuss for this ever-growing international, musical and cultural event.

I have to admit that I am glad to “Join” once again this year, and I am very eager to get to hear the hundreds of songs that will compete across Europe to get a bit of international light in May, hopefully discovering powerful creations.

It’s a whole lot of positive feelings as much as negative feeling that are born, conveyed and shared every year through this even, that’s why I have so much interest into it.

So let’s go and “Join” the world’s biggest media event of the year !


2 thoughts on “Time to “Join”

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