Radio recommendation : WUCF – FM

Because I have spent a very pleasant and relaxing Christmas listening to them, I would strongly recommend WUCF – FM, especially if you like Jazz music.

WUCF – FM is a listener supported radio of the University of Central Florida in Orlando. It is a national public radio offering 24 hours / 7 days jazz and blues music along with news programming about every hour.

What I personally find nice about it is that you get to discover amazing jazz pieces from all times, even fairly recent ones. They really make great choices and the possibility to get serious and always well prepared newscasts from the USA and an university affiliated radio like this really is interesting and culturally enriching.

Finally, I have to say that it’s quite fun to hear their very strong american accent.

WUCF – FM is easily accessible on the internet there and on phone radio applications like tunein.



3 thoughts on “Radio recommendation : WUCF – FM

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