Eurovision Song Contest 2013 : Reviews and predictions (6/7)

It’s in this article that are reviewed the final 7 songs ; the last one of the 2nd semi final and the 6 directly competing in the final.

For the prediction/expectation part of each song, you have to know that I am making comments only focused on the song itself and not in comparison to the others, explaining why you will probably find more or less (and this year surely less) than 10 song in each semi final that I predict to be in the final. If you wanna have a clearer idea of what I mean, it’s more or less an expectation on as if the song was taking part in any Eurovision, not especially 2013, as if the song deserves to be in A Eurovision final or not.


There’s a lot of enthusiasm and a real work on the built up to the first chorus, making this song start very nicely. Now, with the “change of voice” at the chorus, it’s the launch of a total destruction in our poor ears. It sounds like a man who wants to sing like a woman ; there has never been something musically pleasant in that. The mix of genres can very often produce great pieces of work, but the mix of genders just won’t. This kind of proocesses are only good as effects for a few seconds in a song, because most of the time, it can leave you impressed. You don’t do that for 3/4 of the song because the opposite effect is more likely to be the one to prevail, which is a shame for a song that doesn’t seem to be that bad and even quite modern (more than most this year anyway).

Prediction : I wouldn’t like that to qualify. But it will and in the final, this will finish in the last quarter of the scoreboard.

xx – 01 GERMANY

It’s great, powerful, amazing, energetic, everything there is positive, it’s the reason why people love eurovision and me included, I have to admit. Now my analytical mind will emphasize the excessively formatted side of this song, with, for the kind, an actually quite disappointing finish that nevertheless won’t prevent it to stand among my top 5 favourite songs this year.

Prediction : I can feel the music, not in me, but finishing very high in the scoreboard. I actually see that winning much more easily than I could see let’s say randomly, Denmark, and/or Norway (haha). So I would bet on her for the win.

xx – 02 SPAIN

The first notes of this song are just wonderful, extremely captivating. Then appears the sweetness of the voice and quickly the song turns into something slightly more rocky. Even though it sounds after all weaker in quality compared to Pastora Soler’s 2012 entry,  authentic Spain is much more present here than it it in the other and it is SO pleasant. A simple pop-rock song like this really deserves to be considered for its authentic side and I hope it will.

Prediction : I think juries will like this more than televoters but I unfortunately don’t see Spain reaching heights this year but more something like the 18th place at best.

xx – 03 FRANCE

There is a good vibe right from the beginning of this song well carried all verse long. Then the chorus comes and there’s a non negligible turn which however stays well in the spirit of the whole song. There is a great bitterness which is turned into something somehow positive, probably giving it a bit more of appeal. I am not sure if it’s enough ; there’s a lack of competitiveness in this song.

Prediction : I don’t see France finishing very high this year neither, more likely to finish in the last 6 positions.


The first moments are quite pleasant, and quite relaxed. There is a real British spirit in this that subtly comes out of the sounds. It’s not quite something we can call modern, but most of its elements are not really placed in a specific time, but more of a generational representation is done here, keeping quite a catch. Now about the fact that it doesn’t really make us hear the peculiarity of her legendary voice, isn’t much of a harm, because of the real presence of an identity that makes it all up very nicely.

Prediction : She will do better than France and Spain. I however don’t see that going to high. Top 10 would be a real surprise for me. I more see it ending about 12th to 20th.

xx – 05 ITALY

One of the big strengths of this songs is this song resides in the nice affirmation of its spirit, just like for the UK. There’s a real authenticity in it, a really valuable feat  especially that there is genuine quality in it. It is  real music made with the heart, with the soul, no format whatsoever and once again it’s just so good !

Prediction : The juries will like this a lot, I hope. I expect them to like it more than the televoters will although a non negligible part of them will call for that. I pretty much see it ending like I see the UK ending.


Robin’s voice is really nice and really pleasant to listen. He really can do impressive stuff with it and it’s a real delight. He doesn’t destroy the song singing like the Romanian guys does throughout. The song is so beautiful and its message clear, it just couldn’t be sung weirdly. There are good feelings in it, and we may reach the naïve border, but it’s actually the good kind of naïve, the kind that makes it sound cute, which is a good reflects of the singer’s appearance. There’s good catch in it too, and it’s efficient right from the first time.

Prediction: If he doesn’t ruin his screaming notes, this can do very well. A top 10 finish for this I believe, even though I kind of feel like it could be this year’s song that everybody like but most forget to vote for in the end, like there’s one or a few almost every year.


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