The Sound – Heat 2

With the success encountered in the first heat of “The Sound”, for which you can still vote here,  I already am taking submissions for the second heat now.

Any song or musical production with a YouTube link will be accepted, the first 8 making it to this first survey. You, your friends, your family, everyone, the world will get to decide the best song of the bunch.

You can make your propositions here in the comments for this article, or on my twitter accound to which you can be redirected by clicking the icon at the top right of the page, or on my facebook account here.

The Melodifestivalen-style organisation will make your vote the most important ; and the most voted songs proceed to a final round where the best of all your submissions will be determined.

Thank you for being so many to wander through our website and share your musical tastes !

Heat 2

1 “Anxiety” Baxter Sonix feat.Kaya (suggested by Jan)

2 “Crying for No Reason”  Katy B (suggested by Erik Karlsson)

3 “Dark Horse” Katy Perry ft. Juicy J (suggested by Guillaume)

4 “Wannabe” Spice Girls (suggested by Chris Darkheart)



3 thoughts on “The Sound – Heat 2

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