Eurovision Song Contest 2013 : Reviews and predictions (5/7)

This 5th part is going to propose a review for each of the six songs from the second half of the second semi final apart from the last one, with a prediction of their final results.

For the prediction/expectation part of each song, you have to know that I am making comments only focused on the song itself and not in comparison to the others, explaining why you will probably find more or less (and this year surely less) than 10 song in each semi final that I predict to be in the final. If you wanna have a clearer idea of what I mean, it’s more or less an expectation on as if the song was taking part in any Eurovision, not especially 2013, as if the song deserves to be in A Eurovision final or not.


There is a very good feeling in this song ; which mostly is a good thing when it doesn’t reach the cheesy level. It maybe sounds a little too innocent (especially when we think that Armenia has treated us with songs like Qele Qele or Boom Boom Chaka Chaka, that is to say boobies and other places below songs in the past) and naive to pretend having a huge competitive factor. The finish definitely leaves you perplex. It really isn’t a memorable song at all.

Prediction : I don’t see this qualifying very easily even though I expect them to pass more than leaving us on Thursday. In this final, this will not finish very high (below 15th position).


Hungary is of the very few 2013 entries really marking a musical advance, a step forward in a very obvious way regardless of its quality. It sounds quite simple, an indie like lullaby we can easily receive the spirit from. It is very pleasant to listen and even though there is a lack of competitiveness in it, this song really sounds like a delight in this year’s contest.

Prediction : This will qualify to finish in the final at a slightly higher position than the country finished at in the past couple of years.


The rawness of this song really sounded repuslive to me the first time I heard it expalining why I found it one of the worst songs in this year’s MGP. But then I watched Margaret’s performance and I literally got hypnotised. Since I am mainly focusing on the songs in these reviews, I’m gonna say that I learned to let Margaret feed me her love with time and the rawness of this electro song became a real element of power and competitiveness to my ears. There’s a kind a mystery in the relationship she is singing about and this is reflecting quite well in the music, that could very easily be used as a James Bond’s soundtrack as I have read once. The atmosphere of this song makes it very special in this 2013 edition.

Prediction : This will do well. Easily qualifying from the semi final, the juries will love it more than the televoters that I expect less to support it (especially the ones from southern Europe of the bloc Azerbaijan, Armenia and Georgia). But a very likely top 10 finish.


This is too erratic, there are some good elements which unfortunately are not used to their utmost to make it pleasant on the whole. So, apart from a few powerful guitar sequences this isn’t much worth listening.

Prediction : I really doubt Albania will qualify.


I really dislike the fact that the songwriter is Swedish. In a decision like this especially when we know that this songwriter won the contest last year there is a certain sense of dishonour and nothing will change that in my eyes.  This really should be forbidden.  But unlike Belarus for which I have negative feelings both for the song and how it  got into the contest, I have to admit that this is a good song. They both have strong voices – for lack of songwriting skills – they go perfectly well together as a couple. The competition factor is omnipresent in this song which is a great thing, for…Georgia ?

Prediction : This will pass the semi final, placing in the top 5 and surely will realise Georgia’s best final placing (9th so far).


This is very energetic and it is all nicely assembled together ; choruses, verses, bridge.  It shares with Greece this familiar factor recalling a lot of elements/ memories / songs but not a single one specifically. This feat is playing a lot in this song’s favour especially that there is a non negligible competitive factor (with a few sounds sticking to your mind) throughout the song).

Prediction : I would say that Switzerland would be borderline for qualification, but I see this qualifying narrowly ending at the middle of the right side of the scoreboard in the final.


5 thoughts on “Eurovision Song Contest 2013 : Reviews and predictions (5/7)

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