Congratulations Heilsarmee !

If there is something that the Swiss public has proven yesterday, it’s that they still happen to make a good choice, every once in a while.

So like it has not happen since 2010, from my personal point of view, Switzerland is sending a decent song to the next Eurovision.

Heilsarmee’s the band’s name, meaning that they’re no other than representative of the actual Swiss salvation army, a bit like the glee club of the previously mentioned, and composed among others by a 94 year-old bass player, this group won’t fail to make quite a few headlines nearer the time of the contest in May 2013.

Their title is “You and Me”, just like Netherlands 2012’s entry as the difference that this one actually is lively and catchy, the army side remarkably well represented in the sounds.

It is thus a completely deserved victory for this song that I found, only after the first listening, by far, the best one in this competition which featured 8 other entries.

In details, I awarded it the mark of 3.5/5 when my average score for this year’s Swiss national final is 2.55/5 saying quite a bit about the impressive level they offered in general, once again, this year…

Among the other contestants, I have to say that Jesse also was in my top 3 with his fresh and modern and modern song.

I really understood the appeal people could have for the runner-up Carrousel without nevertheless never really feeling it, when I listened to it.

Finally, I am glad that Melissa didn’t manage to win it all as expected by many and especially the basic “eurofans” who often tend to have very basic tastes including many poor songs when we get closer to their composition.

“The Point of No Return” was an appalling entry which only pretension was to be associated to a kind usually popular, but more when it is well worked/made ; meaning professional, fresh and with a real attempt to innovate, not a pale copy of copies themselves of previous Eurovision or event current songs that aren’t even that successful…

Full results of Die grosse Entscheidungs Show

Draw Artist Song Vote Result Channel
1 Ally “Catch Me” 0.79 % 9 RSI
2 Chiara Dubey “Bella sera” 9.04 % 5 RSI
3 Carrousel “J’avais rendez-vous” 17.26 % 2 RTS
4 Anthony Bighead “Do the Monkey” 5.66 % 7 SF
5 Heilsarmee You and Me 37.54 % 1 SF
6 Nill Klemm “On My Way” 1.69 % 8 RTS
7 Melissa “The Point of No Return” 9.72 % 4 SF
8 Nicolas Fraissinet “Lève-toi” 6.55 % 6 RTS
9 Jesse Ritch “Forever & A Day” 11.75 % 3 SF

4 thoughts on “Congratulations Heilsarmee !

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