2002 : Believe – A Spiritual Romance

When you listen to 2002, your spirit is taken very far way, very high, to a land where music often is a synonym of fullness.

In Believe, Pamela & Randy Copus take a romantic turn and it’s higher love this couple generously offers us sounds of. Higher love which fruit also happens to be contributing to this album, in the person of Sarah, 9 years-old, for the first time and once again it’s a great success. The transmission of talent seems to be working very well and although we can feel a bit of reluctance, as a fan, towards this evolution, is it as smoothly and well represented as it is natural.

Therefore, the most beautiful and very well written lyrics can still be heard in “Believe“, “Dreams of Peace“, “Ready to Fly“, and “Hold the Sky” with a computerised but nevertheless great work on the sound of the voices which isn’t a negative thing at all, because their perfect fit with the music make us feel like it’s angels singing that we are listening to ; “Ready to Fly” being the one track in which we can hear Sarah’s voice for the first time, couldn’t have had a better title.

Although I often qualify this music as the best music to relax and let yourself go on ; its beauty will always keep you into it, when you hear it for the first time even when some tracks last almost 7 minutes which is something you really can’t notice but by looking at the track list and times.

The musical techniques and skills are here once again greatly put in use and proven by setting different atmospheres corresponding perfectly to the titles proposed like “Oasis”, “Chain of Life” or even “Yeshua” and that’s where you are taken away on the most beautiful spiritual trips ever with finally the wonderful and unmissable “A Dream Creation“, showing 2002 at its best, the Gods of Music I solemnly declare they are.




3 thoughts on “2002 : Believe – A Spiritual Romance

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