Lena Meyer-Landrut : My Cassette Player

Her delightful freshness made her win the Eurovision Song Contest with a song that sounded uncommonly modern for this contest, and still does today ; Lena Meyer-Landrut released “My Cassette Player” in the Spring of 2010.

If there is something highly noticeable when you listen to what surprisingly is Lena’s debut album, it’s the oneness of an identity which is greatly conveyed throughout. It is even more remarkable, that this 13 songs albums feature a non negligeable variety of styles and times by which the songs are very often nicely tainted.

What really makes Lena stand out from a lot of singers is that she’s got quite a unique voice, the reason why she won a hue song contest ; it was part of the package, like a trademark.

It is a very powerful and enviable quality that one can feel has not been used at its best in this album. This way, as nicely written as the songs can be, it sometimes feels like her voice doesn’t  quite fit with the compositions proposed, or even whole songs altogether ; My Cassette Player, I Like To Bang My Head and Caterpillar In The Rain being the better examples for this. It actually is all the more annoying that these songs have a real potential and would surely sound better with another voice.

On a more positive note, and even though we tend to wish a bigger part of this album would be more in the direct lining of Satellite,there still are some  greatly composed songs, testifying a certain talent well present here.

Bee proposes a very nice play with the backing vocalists, quite an uncommon element which really sounds like a breath of life  in this song, while still keeping a laid back atmosphere, a cocktail dosage much more elaborated than for most of the songs.

Also, I Just Want Your Kiss proposes different levels in the musical composition giving it a depth according greatly with her voice singing nicely written lyrics, such a nice song that the end almost sounds precocious, and preceding Wonderful Dreaming, the last track of the album, accurately and faithfully keeping this relaxed atmosphere, an as a perfect title for this song as the guitar solo it features.

Even though she contributed to the composition of about half the songs of this album, My Cassette Player is quite a remarkable piece of musical production considering that it is the singer’s debut album, at the age of 18. Unlike most debut albums we’re not generously offered a non accomplished searched for identity here, and it really does sound like a gift because with such freshness and light-heated feelings, we almost wish all debut albums were like this one.



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