A radio script : Challenges

There aren’t a lot of challenging experiences like the one to live abroad and evolve within a society which initially doesn’t share a lot, with the one you come from, or you think doesn’t. For a lot of people, it unfortunately isn’t a choice. Does it make it even more challenging? I was lucky to have the choice even though for people like me, a choice, I believe, wouldn’t be the best label.  Indeed, for many of us, it appears more like an opportunity.  A great opportunity. And even though that might sound surprising, I tend to believe, that the “opportunists” as I guess I can call myself, have to face more challenges, than the ones who find themselves here, because they didn’t have the choice.

When you take an opportunity, jump on an occasion, you try to make and take the best of it, don’t you? Now, do you think people who feel forced to do things are going to enjoy it? It’s painful more than anything to be in that situation, hence why; these people are less inclined to take these challenges. And I guess this is how the identity crisis, a term we can hear a lot recently in the news, starts to appear. Learning  a bit more about the language, the culture, the society itself, the law…all these challenges and battles, once won, make you feel more and more part of this “step-society” as I funnily call it.  It’s your own life that you are living there after all, and even though you never thought or wanted to be here, this is where your own world and perception lies! Not willing to take these challenges can therefore be finally more harmful to yourself than to others! I do feel it’s like a battle to win every day; to do everything possible, to be part of a group, and fit in.

How hard you fight doesn’t especially mean how ashamed you are, or can be of your origins, so much that you want to erase them. I actually see all this, the exact opposite! It’s not being ashamed of its own origins!

Because on the contrary when you are willing to go through all kinds of experiences living abroad may lead to, and actually do it, it is more a proof of how able you are to do this and how proud you are of it.

Like many of our ancestors were proud of fighting wars for their country even at the price of their own lives, you can only feel pride when you know that you have taken this kind of missions. The kind of mission that consist in perpetuating, what they all fought for; that is to say peace among nations and people.  And if I have decided to do this, I want people to know,  that it’s also because I am infinitely grateful for the courage our ancestors had, to face the challenges, of their times.


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