#JoinUs : 10 Belgium

B�lgicaFred : Alex has a remarkable and powerful voice. This song conveys a lot of meaning and feelings. It’s a genuinely valuable track, which we understand the lanslide victory in the national selection. The build up works very well ; the whole way through the song leads to a very good finish. The country hasn’t accustomed us with this level of quality on many occasions in the past. 5.5/10

Belgium has once again non-negligible chances to go though, especially thanks to the juries, whom, I believe, will really help it. I don’t see it ending on the first side of the scoreboard if it does progress to the final though.

Joshua : By far (and many will disagree) the best voice in Eurovision this year. I get goosebumps everytime I hear the song. The only big problem is the lyrics. They are really really cheesy. Could be close in the semi. I very respectable last place for Belgium in the Final. 7/10

Do you like the song ?


What’s your mark ?





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