The only = The one ?

As some of you may have noticed lately, Melodifestivalen hasn’t been showing many glorious women lately.

Countless proofs have now come to support a pattern that has become obvious ; in 2011 already, in the finals of the Swedish selection for the Eurovision Song Contest only 3 women had to battle it out in a total of ten contestants.

One year later, the record was pretty much the same, Sara Li probably being the part making the figures slightly better than in 2012, but still far from parity.

But this year more than ever stands out when we focus on this, Louise Hoffsten being the ONLY female performer in the soon starting final.

This fact becomes even more curious when we know that she competes with “Only The Dead Fish Follow The Stream” emphasizing on this idea of uniqueness, being different than others. Is this going to represent thus how she is going to end up tonight ?

The good quality of this song evoking something of a timeless almost country like american classic song with its uncommonly long title sounding like an expression of a great wisdom, coupled with the professionalism of its performer who released over a dozen albums in about 25 years really make this theory not a negligible one.

So good luck Louise.



3 thoughts on “The only = The one ?

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