Agnes : Veritas

Veritas is the latin word for truth. I think this is very important to consider as a starter before listening to this album which is Agnes’s 4th studio album. Indeed, if there was an album revealing the true Agnes, I believe this is the one.

Veritas is the first album in which Agnes is involved not only as a singer in every single of the tracks, is it the best though ?

I have to admit that to be fully satisfied by what she has to offer this time round, it took quite a few tracks.

The first track is called amazing but really isn’t to me, especially because of its poor chorus and lyrics. It however gets better as we go along, nore an more interesting elements making their way.

Though we can understand the single releases and success of “All I Want Is You” and “One Last Time” , they are still lacking something for me. The sound choices and effects of the voice in the chorus of “All I Want Is You” is nevertheless very effective in corresponding exactly to its purpose which is a good point.

“Loaded” finally represents to me the real take-off in this album using for the first time efficient electro sounds fitting perfectly well with Agnes’s voice, the bridge sounding like a masterpiece ; as the lyrics says several times, “and I surrender” for this track, that’s a sure thing.

This way, the really good trend which started there evolves especially in “Human Touch”, “Watching It Burn” and “Like God”   which interestingly enough as for “Loaded”,  have all in common Tony Nilsson in the team of songwriters, which are very far from negligible especially in Swedish music.

“Nothing Else Matters” marks a more quiet point towards the end of the album although being a power ballad, which isn’t the best she’s done.

“Unforgiven” finally offers like a nice closure to this album sounding like a real continuation of what she has done in the past, which isn’t really the case of many songs in this latest piece.

The overall album is thus finally not that bad, especially thanks to the participation of Tony Nilsson who managed to keep maintaining what I like Agnes for. But after the musical diamond that Dance Love Pop was, Veritas couldn’t have sounded better.



3 thoughts on “Agnes : Veritas

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