Fats Domino : This Is Fats

One of the primarily striking elements in This Is Fats is the important number and variety of instruments used throughout the different tracks.They very often tend to prevail notably in numerous and remarkable solo parts featured like in “Honey Chile”, “The Fat Man’s Hop” offering us a fully instrumental track mainly focusing on Fats’ piano play.

The saxophone also is very present and happens to be part of very interesting combinations like in “So Long”, a powerful mourning track where the afore mentioned instrument is played along with drums and piano.

It’s in general an outstanding orchestra teamwork that makes one of the strengths of this album, producing this way very catchy and dancing tracks like “What’s The Reason I’m Not Pleasing You”, “La La, “You Done Me Wrong” and “Trust In Me”, qualified as the “boogie-woogie” genre Domino made a name out of, and a model to be subsequently widely taken over.

What sure define Fats Domino of course is his very special voice, very deep and distinguishable, which emphasis in the acoustic parts of “Honey Chile” reflect the power of his musical productions.

What’s more is the very interesting work on lyrics and the contract they represent with the music they are associated to. Indeed, while the music is mainly lively and happy sounding, the lyrics tend go toward an opposite direction telling much less happy stories. The album has thus got this bitter-sweet like dimension ; and the balance is perfectly well controlled as “So Long” really shows us, for in many songs, they lyrics mainly eventually take a more positive turn finishing on brighter not notes – that have been almost all the way through – but terms.

As well as being the longest track in most releases, “Trust In Me” is got to be one of my favourites here, if not my favourite for offering a powerful instrumental part where different instruments get to be played successively one after the other in a perfect coordination,  an as a shining jewel as Domino’s career.






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