A trip to Stockholm : Day 3

On the third day we woke up very early to take the underground destination Globen.



The Globen is one of Stockholm’s big arenas hosting all kinds of events throughout the year. Certainly named after its shape, the Globen also proposes you to enjoy one of the most beautiful views of Stockholm through “Skyview” a small ball turning around the big one and entirely made of glass.

20131104_092037 20131104_092057

It really was freaking cold on that morning.

Like the first night in this city, I had to overcome vertigo-o-o-o, to be able to grasp the beauty of the whole area.

20131104_094517 20131104_094609 20131104_094643 20131104_095318 20131104_095322 20131104_095325 20131104_095535 20131104_095622

After such big thrills, we treated ourselves pretty well, at the shopping mall just in front of the Globen.

20131104_101536 20131104_101545

Also, if you want to have a quick but nice breakfast, and preferably a more healthy one too, you can try the Pressbyrån” 


(Taken from my seat right in the middle of the shopping mall)

And in from of me, this is the view I had



A few moments later, we left the South part of the city (where the Globen and the shopping mall are) to get back to the historic centre where we took the boat and enjoy the “Royal Canal Tour”

20131104_123113 20131104_123341 20131104_123350 20131104_123718 20131104_123815 20131104_123917 20131104_124404 20131104_125926 20131104_131234 20131104_131601 20131104_131725

For lunch we went to MAX. MAX is a Swedish fast food restsaurant chain you can only find in Nordic European countries and curiously in Dubai too.

20131104_141135 20131104_141146

It looks like my pictures aren’t the most representative ones though…

Right after this break, we took the tramway from the stop just in front of the restaurant and headed to Skansen.

20131104_141556 20131104_141717 20131104_142128 20131104_142448 20131104_142733 20131104_143010

As you can see, Skansen is one of the loveliest quarters in Stockhlom, actually located on one of the islands between the 2 banks of the city.

It’s a very bustling place especially in summer, with a lot of musical festivals. This island also is the place of the “Abba Museum” for those interested…not that I don’t like Abba, lol.

But the most important thing to see in Skansen obviously is “Little Sweden”, a huge park where pretty much the whole cultural and ancestral side of the country is represented and thus one of the compulsory places to visit in Stockholm.

20131104_143255 20131104_143827 20131104_144235 20131104_144405 20131104_144413 20131104_144657 20131104_144815 20131104_145000 20131104_145049 20131104_145118 20131104_145124 20131104_145205 20131104_145212 20131104_145943 20131104_150048 20131104_150057 20131104_150113 20131104_150210 20131104_150437 20131104_150507 20131104_150604 20131104_150647 20131104_150718 20131104_150756 20131104_150805 20131104_150832 20131104_150836 20131104_150957 20131104_151000 20131104_151023 20131104_151026 20131104_151057 20131104_151104 20131104_151138 20131104_151254 20131104_151259 20131104_151341 20131104_151351 20131104_151421 20131104_151517 20131104_151554 20131104_151624 20131104_151653 20131104_151822 20131104_151830 20131104_151835 20131104_151935 20131104_151949 20131104_151958 20131104_152100

After such a relaxing but cold afternoon in the wilderness of Stockholm, (trust me it may sounds weird but it is a true thing) we headed towards the north of the city. To get back to Skansen quickly, I really have to say that what struck me the most is that although all these pictures look like places most people wouldn’t even go, well it’s all in the middle of the city ! Only 10 minutes on the tram and you go from urban wilderness to natural wilderness.

So once the night had fallen, we went to visit Stockholm’s most famous library.

20131104_164232 20131104_165430 20131104_165437

What is interesting with the libery not only relies on its architectural shape ; I wonder if you get everyday into a library where the majority of books are in different languages than the national language of the place where the library is…,well, for me it was the first time ! If you want to get there with the underground, stop at the Odenplan station.

When we left to go back the city centre, where our couchsurfing mate and host Adam lives, we came accross this quite surprising but joyful view for someone from southern France like me :


I lived about 3 years in England and I have never seen anyone playing petanque. I have always known I had make a mistake in my years-to-live-abroad place. This was all the more curious that it was inside the underground station itself !

Then, when we got closer to the platforms, we were treated with such nice views :

20131104_180139 20131104_180154 20131104_180201 20131104_180226

And as I mentioned, then we got to Adam Adamsson’s place, a terrific host, for our last night.





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