Looking back…(Semi Final 2)

by Joshua Reduch

We continue our look-back to Copenhagen with the predictions of the 2nd Semifinal:

New_Picture_31_ (1)

As you can already see, we didn’t had the same favorites as in the 1st Semi. Malta is the perfect example for this with Frederic awarding 9pts and me only giving a single point to Firelight and „Coming Home“ (It’s just not my type of music, sorry. But I love the island!)

Overall our Top 3 were Ireland with 17.5, Norway with 16.5 and Romania with 15.5 points. A interesting top 3 when you see it now.

The songs from Greece, Poland and Georgia formed our bottom 3 with 8, 7.5 and only 4 points respectively.

To our defense, I must say that our results now would be quite different, because some of the lower placed countries had great performances (f.e Austria, Switzerland and Poland) and therefore would got some more points from us.

We predicted 7 out of 10 qualifiers correct. Those countries were Malta, Norway, Austria, Finland, Belarus, Greece and Romania.

Unfortunately, we said that FYR Macedonia, Ireland and Israel would advance to the final, while Poland, Switzerland and Slovenia will find themselves in the land of tears.

In the end, 16 of 20 qualifers were correctly guessed by us, which is in my view a pretty fine result.

What do you think about our predictions? Let us know in the comments below!


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