Jaw dropping like very rarely it must have happened to a lot of us in the recent years; this article is mainly going to focus on Valentina Monetta’s qualification for the final of the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest, representing San Marino.

For a quick overview of the character and her experience, Valentina Monetta , is 39 years-old, she was born in San Marino, and for the third year in a row, she is this year representing Europe’s oldest Republic. Yeah it really is.

After creating controversy with a song about Facebook, which quality was very questionable, she represented her country in Baku two year ago, with an alternate version of this first song written by Ralph Siegel “The Social Network Song”. It didn’t quite draw enough attention for when it came to get votes, finishing 14th out of 18 in the semi final thus not qualifying for the final.

The following year, since the Sammarinese broadcaster seemed to have too many artists to pick from for the song contest, Valentina went to Malmoe, this time singing what looked more like an actual song ; “Crisalide”. Although this one got much more appeal for its quality than the first one, the schizophrenic construction of it – actually corresponding well to what a chrysalide is when it breaks to fly – apparently put off people enough not to qualify again, but this time missing the final by much less.

When we heard very soon after the 2013 edition that she was going to do it again, a famous joke toured the Eurovision fan groups on the social networks: a picture of a Wikipedia table representing all her participations in the future up to about 2020 in different languages, some even unlikely to ever represent the small republic once, with a play on the titles, for some of them actually begging for a qualification…(I actually wish I had found this picture again).

Now, this has completely changed and the magic of Eurovision has made Valentina a creditable artist, our dear continent finally allowing her to get into the finals, when barely anyone really expected it anymore. That’s how Eurovision and national finals in general seem to be working, if you’re perseverant enough, regardless the quality of what you sing, you finally get in! How amazing is that?

In all honesty I am glad about what happened to the microstate – not that I am such a huge fan of Valentina, as you certainly may have noticed- because with a bit of hope this represent a strong message to the non negligible number of countries who have given up sometimes many years ago, leading to a tremendous decrease of the participation rates in the song contest. It feels nice, and if I personally have to find something great in this qualification, it would be the hopefully positive aftermath of it.

Now, if even with THIS, none of the “silent “countries are thinking about “storming” the contest in the coming years, I guess we won’t have anything left to pull out of our hats.

PS : Big up to Montenegro who , in this case, did qualify for the first time too, but undeniably thanks to the quality of the song.



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