#JoinUs : 37 Italy

ItaliaFred : I wish I was more inspired to have things to say about this song, the final one I am reviewing this year, yeah already, how emotional is that ??!!! lol Well it’s nice, it’s sounds familiar, without specifically remind you something else, which is something I mainly find to be said about songs that were made for success…I think the first verses are the most interesting to hear, there’s a certain kind of routine in the chorus – although catchy – that kind of put me off. But the overall song isn’t unpleasant to listen to. 5.5/10

I don’t think Italy is going to end as high as they successively have since they’re back, but it’s not impossible, especially considering the fact that the staging and the performance are things that the artist really seems likely to put much effort into. So I’d still say a left side scoreboard final result on Saturday.

Joshua : Emma is Italy’s biggest star and she proves it with her song. It’s a powerfull, happy rock song. Could be in the Top 10 again for Italy. Place 7-10 for Emma! 8/10

Do you like it ?


What’s your mark ?


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