#JoinUs : 36 United Kingdom

Reino UnidoFred : We can feel a lot of power in this right from the start. The lyrics are incredibly meaningful, and Moll’ys voice is just a delight in this great song which chorus is just overwhelming. The choir repeating “power to the people” evokes a marching army, a victorious marching army and it’s indisputably efficient. It’s like all the historic brilliance and power this country has in this contest is concentrated in this song anoud we’ve been waiting a while to get an entry like this from the UK. 8/10

It will end very high, so if you want the contest’s results announcement to be exciting this Saturday, just don’t vote (too much) for it please 😀

Joshua : I’m so glad they didn’t choose Geri Halliwell for Eurovision. Molly is great, young singer with a song, which has a powerfull message and a very catchy and modern tune. A respectable 5th place for the UK! 8,5/10

Do you like it ?


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