#JoinUs : 35 France

FranciaFred : I believe there’s a real improvement compared to last year. This beat is good ! The lyrics may sound ridiculous, but they’re so meaning and representative. I am glad to be represented by this song and ENOUGH of the people accusing it of being a poor copy of Stromae ; as a close friend told me, Stromae is not a whole genre on his own ! and this song would be much better appreciated as a song of a specific genre that also defines the Belgian singer’s tracks than just as a copy of these. You’ll hopefully get the difference. 7.5/10

Hopefully my country isn’t going to finish in the bottom 5 again, especially that I believe there’s a real improvement in terms of modernity and “currentness”. But in a strong year like this it’s going to be very difficult. No higher than 15th.

Joshua : TWIN TWIN deliver a great summer hit, which could be the surprise of this year’s Eurovision. I just hope that the singer will improve his singing skills until then. Place 12-15 for France!9/10

Do you like it ?


What’s your mark ?


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