#JoinUs : 31 Romania

Ruman�aFred : The big return of the people who gave Romania its best placing ! Miracle is really good, powerful and efficient. Although some parts of the chorus may sound a bit too twitchy, there’s such power, energy and positive feelings that there wasn’t in “Playing With Fire”. I like it and I believe they can get en even better result than in Oslo, as narrow as the window of possibilities is. 7.5/10

Romania will qualify top 5 in the second semi. And even though I am going very optimistic about it in my review, something tells me that only because of the fact they are returning (usually not a good thing at Eurovision, especially after you got an amazing result, which whether we can feel it or not, make the concerned people take things for granted), they’re going to do like Sakis for Greece a few years ago and thus end up 6 to 8 in the final. It could even actually be worse.

Joshua : First of all, for me it’s not a “Miracle“. “Playing with Fire“ is one of my all-time favorites. Still Ovi & Paula deliver a great track which will make its way to the Top 10. Place 6-9 for Ovi & Paula! 8/10


Do you like it ?


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