#JoinUs : 27 FYR Macedonia

MacedoniaFred : This will probably sound naive and prejudiced but speaking in the name of a lot I am sure ; I really got shocked when, the first time I listened to it, I saw a few moments after the song started the country it was representing…It’s all the more remarkable that it’s all made by  local talent ! Azerbaijan seriously should take inspiration from this instead of acting as ridiculously as they are in the contest, and this no matter the number of top 5 placings they’ll ever get. All this to say that “To The Sky” is very good, a genuinely nice song to listen to even if the final moments kind of lose you, the chorus is really catchy. 6.5/10

The country has strong chances to qualify, I believe it will ! But I doubt they’ll get the relatively good result they did a couple of years ago. It will be around 15-2oth in the final.

Joshua : Also an very underrated entry. Her voice is amazing and the song itself makes you wanna dance. Just the last minute of the song is not very good. I hope for a strong performance! Place 16-22. 7,5/10

Do you like it ?


What’s your mark ?



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