#JoinUs : 26 Belarus

Bielorrusia (1)Fred : Fun entry, not unpleasant to listen. Its ridiculous side that comes out even more when you watch the video doesn’t actually play for its bad. It’s cool that the Belarusian have chosen to send this to represent them, because it somehow changes what the common psyche of the European western countries would expect from the country. It’s cool, relaxed and there’s a certain catch preventing the three minutes from seeming boring. 4/10

I doubt the country will qualify with this song in such a strong year, but it’s not completely out of question. It would be more reasonable to say it’ll be a miss though, a close miss. 11-12 in the semi final.

Joshua : Teo really tries hard, but he’s just not Robin Thicke. Although his song is catchy and his voice is great, Belarus will stay in the Semi. hm… I’m not sure. Bottom 5 in the final. 6/10

Do you like it ?


What’s your mark ?



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