#JoinUs : 24 Finland

FinlandiaFred : This may sound like heard hundreds of times before, it still is really good to listen. I like this entry, it’s really good to have an entry like this too in the contest. I believe it is very representative of the country it represents in terms of genre, and although it’s not that original or amazing, I am glad they’re here. It brings catch and young energy to the contest in a year cruelly lacking it. 6.5/10

I hope more than believe they will qualify. If it happens, it will be round the last couple of place of the top 10. In the final, I don’t see it finishing higher than 18-19.

Joshua : Softengine are the most underrated this year. “Something Better“ is a powerful rock song with an even more powerful final. Top 10 is absolutely possible! 20th place for Finland! 8/10

Do you like it ?


What’s your mark ?



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