#JoinUs : 15 Montenegro

MontenegroFred : The song’s intro simply is this year’s most beautiful. Honnestly, I have to say that Montenegro has never sent such a beautfiul creation to the contest. It’s very emotional, and the sounds makes it all the more powerful that you just can’t go untouched by it. 9/10

I will feel very concerned if the country doesn’t manage to qualify with this. Also, you will note that in the predictions, it barely is allowed to be bet on a top ten finish at the best, and not the higher part of the top ten, mostly. If this was representing Serbia, I somehow feel that “Moj Svijet” would be much more a of huge favourite… For my part, I would bet on a qualification. And that not only on betting odds but also because that’s unfortunately how it work in the psyche of people when it comes to voting, this song won’t place as high, so I’ll say round the 10th place too, in the final, at best.

Josha : I love this intro! Everything which makes Balkan music so beautiful. 1st final for Montenegro! A nice 8th place for Montenegro! 8,5/10

Do you like it ?


What’s you mark ?



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