#JoinUs : 12 San Marino

San MarinoFred : “Maybe” starts pretty flatly. The work on the lyrics however is non-negligible. There is an interesting build up giving nice a chorus. It does somehow sound like a softer version of “Crisalide”, but the overall quality of the song isn’t as remarkable. On its own, there unfortunately isn’t much to say about this entry. After 3 years, much more efforts could have been done to secure a truly deserved qualification. 4.5/10

I don’t see the microstate qualifying again this year. A new performer/band/duo whatever would have been much more refreshing. I don’t even see it doing as well as last year’s entry. 13-16 in the semi.

Joshua : Poor Valentina. Crisalide was epic! But “Maybe” is not bad at all, just a bit… boring. Although it hurts me to say it, I think it will end at the 11th place in the Semi 1 for Valentina… 5/10

Do you like it ?

What’s your mark ?



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