#JoinUs : 11 Moldova

MoldaviaFred : Unlike “You’re not Alone”, for which you couldn’t really guess the country, there are some elements in this song more or less obviously making the guess easier to take. She hasn’t completely managed to lose her eastern accent. Then, in the whole melody ; there’s a broken like vibe, deflowering the idea of harmony in the song. It’s like the history of this part of the continent had some marks in this song, somehow corresponding to the story it tells. I am not sure if it’s efficiently done though. 5/10

Qualification for this country is less obvious this year than it was in Sweden. Still I believe they have some chances, depending on the performance. 10-13 in the semi and if 10, in the last 1/3 in the final.

Joshua : I only listened to the song when i got the CD and i still don’t know how to feel about the song. The dubstep elements are nice, but the rest does not match the really good voice. 12th place in the 1. Semi. 3,5/10

Do you like it ?

What’s your mark ?


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