#JoinUs : 05 Iceland

IslandiaFred : This song is a mess. But not the unbearable, unpleasant kind. The message in the lyrics is very pertinent and unfortunately still need to be repeated. I believe it sounded better in Icelandic because the english terms they found don’t fit with the music at all times. It is very energetic though, and that’s why I like it on the whole. 6/10

For a prediction, I would say that the country’s position with this song has never been so much in danger since they started qualifying again every year since 2008. I would say that a qualification would be a surprise this year for Iceland, but it’s not impossible, though most certainly a 10th place if it happens. So 10-15 in the semi and if 10, then under 20 in the final.

Complicated. It was awful in Icelandic. But it sounds why better in English. It has a lot of tempo changes and that may be the problem. I hope for a great performance. I think they will not qualify for the final. Place 14 in Semi. 4,5/10


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