#JoinUs : 04 Sweden

04 Sweden

SueciaFred : Sanna’s story in Melodifestivalen and in the context of the contest (yeah that one is tricky), isn’t only a model for simple artists but should be for a lot of European broadcasters who just keep on changing selection methods every time it doesn’t work. Back to the entry now, well “Undo” is really good. A powerful song perfectly fitting Sanna’s voice. She is a very talented singer who always manages to convey feelings amazingly well. 9/10

Sweden will certainly qualify from its semi, with a top 3 position. Top 5 is a certainty in the final.

Joshua : Sanna Nielsen wasn’t my favorite at all at Melodifestivalen, which had lots of great songs this year. Still it’s the best up-tempo ballad this year. Top 3 is possible! 9/10

And you ? What’s your mark ?

Can’t make your mind up ? Well, you are still welcome to share if you like it or not !




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