After Earth (2013)

In the category of « what will become of Earth ? » films, recently, we’ve had the work of art that is After Earth released in 2013, or kind of.

Taking place in a non specified year apparently in the future, the story is about a family, well a father and his son who are pretty much the futuristic version of G.I Joes, the son more trying to become one when the father, who is the boss of them all (yeah Will Smith couldn’t not be) is almost retiring.

Last excitements, if ever we can consider this film exciting, are to be found in this “mission” after their trip through space which was supposed to take them – once again – to an unspecified place, accidently ends on Earth, a planet that has curiously become unliveable for mankind.

Among the considerable lists of curious choices made for this film, well, the air on Earth isn’t breathable anymore: Will Smith junior indeed has to drink from small “capsules” in order to get fresh oxygen and yet he has to accomplish a mission in a place – our planet – where the fauna and flora have grown bigger and more dangerous like they’ve never been as if humankind has always been the only needing oxygen…

All in all, it’s on a lie based on the number of this capsules that we’re be provided with the supposedly melodramatic scene but certainly the most ridiculous of the film, when junior gets to have its first rebellious argument against senior.

Finally, a $130 million budget for a good lecture about how to control fear from Will Smith, seriously being the only good reason to watch this film, may seem a little bit too much in the end, just like the $244 millions that were paid by the people who went to see it in the cinemas. They certainly got tricked by the kind of trailer that is actually more interesting to watch than the film. They really do seem to have become a common practice.




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