Eurovision 2014 : Who do you want for Hungary ? Poll results

Thank you for being so many to have voted in our first poll ever on the blog !!!

Unfortunately and due to a system error with polldaddy, we won’t be able to give you fully detailed results. It turns out that the poll stayed open longer than it should have, accepting votes even after A Dal was over…

So from the results we got a few minutes before the show started, we can tell you that you’ve been over 70 to have taken part in the poll and that Kállay-Saunders who went on to win the Hungarian ticket for Copenhagen with  “Running” was for no less than 40% percent of you the obvious choice.

Bogi’s “We all” was the second most popular entry with about 15% of the votes, very far behind the winner as you can see.

Finally the 2 entries in the national language in this final, were among the less voted for, with results around the 5%.

Once again thank you to have been so many to have awarded a few minutes on our website to express your taste, we will be really please to organise other poll in the future with the promise that full and detailed results will be disclosed.

You are still warmly welcome to submit a song to our super survey The Sound.

Thank you and congratulations to  “Running” !



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