The Sound

After finally finding out how to create surveys and polls for the website, which are things I really like to do, as you may have noticed here, I would like to organise a super musical survey (as I did on British radio at some point) for which you and only you are the deciders!

The organisation is simple; any song or musical production with a YouTube link will be accepted, the first 8 making it to this first survey. You, your friends, your family, everyone, the world will get to decide the best song of the bunch.

Recap videos will probably be made, as a nice way for me to work my video editing skills.

So, do you already have a suggestion? Let’s hear it!

First round

1 “C’mon & Däns” Cape (suggested by Mariusz Wadowski)

2 “Mange För En Dag” Mange Makers (suggested by Chris Darkheart)

3 “I Feel Free” Paula Seling (suggested by Niko)

4 “Wake Up” AWOLNATION (suggested by Aron De Ridder Schuurman)

5 “I Ain’t Gonna Cry” Mónica Naranjo (suggested by Antonio Altuna Coy)

6 “Gold” Beverly Knight (suggested by Wayne Morgan Williams)

7 “Till The World Ends” Britney Spears (suggested by Zach Thomas)

8 “Straight Into Love” Hannah Mancini (suggested by Jan)

Do you want your submission to be in the second semi final ? Then submit it in the comments here or on my twitter account 🙂

3 thoughts on “The Sound

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