A trip to Stockholm : Day 2

I remember waking up very early on the second day, my best friend was still asleep and I had a look at the window :


This picture was taken just after my best friend woke up 15 minutes after I first looked at the window, because then even the red roof we can see at the front here wasn’t visible.

After leaving the hostel to honour our busy schedule in town, we took a few pictures on the way to the centre, since we walked, the hostel located so nicely close to the centre.

20131103_085524 20131103_085529 20131103_085534 20131103_091018 20131103_091029 20131103_091239 20131103_091242 20131103_091246 20131103_091454 20131103_091500

This day’s programme started with the visit of the very famous Stockholm Town Hall, which stands on most touristic pictures of the city, everywhere in the world. This popularity is largely deserved, because this building indeed was one of the most interesting ones to visit during our stay and this especially thanks to the lovely guide we had for the tour.  Details and anecdote about the construction of the building and all that it holds inside are all more curious and enchanting than the others and were very pleasant to hear and to learn. It really is a place not to miss at all in the Swedish capital.

20131103_091805 20131103_091857 20131103_092005 20131103_093222 20131103_093347 20131103_093414 20131103_093700 20131103_093842 20131103_100509 20131103_102935 20131103_105303 20131103_105501

We headed then to Gamla Stan, literally the “old town”, located on an island in the centre of Stockholm a bit like l’île Saint Louis in Paris, but bigger. There we had a very nice lunch :

20131103_112056 20131103_112101

Even though the place we stopped at isn’t quite the cheapest to have a meal, the cosy atmosphere inside was very pleasant.

The Royal Palace obviously is nowhere else to be found than in the oldest part of the city,and that’s the place we spent a few hours of this afternoon in.

20131103_134915 20131103_134919 20131103_134923 20131103_134929 20131103_134938 20131103_135002 20131103_141617

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to take pictures inside, which painting and items belonging to the Swedish royal family for centuries were nonetheless breathtaking to see. Plus, if you ever visit this Royal Palace one day, you might find a picture of your former King/President/Prime Minister at some point, among the thousands of surprises that this place exhibits…

This 2nd day in Stockholm actually was quite a busy one. After leaving Gamla Stan, we headed to the Modern Art Museum (20 minutes walk away), where you can find quite a lot of creations from promising young Swedish artists in one part of the venue and in another an exhibition about the most famous monuments in the World, it’s the architecture part that I’d really advise to go and see if ever you get the chance to find yourself close to the place one day.

20131103_144926 20131103_154056

Since we were not sure about whether or not we could take pictures there, these are the poor attempts we made. There obviously is much better to see in the museum…

When darkness fell on the city we left the museum to get the tub and we passed by this ;


For the ones who’ve never heard about Melodifestivalen, it is to Swedish Television, what Ikea is to worldwide furniture market. I’ve told about it many times on this website and to cut it short, even though the competition takes place in February and March, the rush to get a ticket was already on when we were there in early November…

Then we took the underground, which gave us another occasion to see how much it feel like to be more in a museum or some decorative art exhibition place than where we actually were…

20131103_160105 20131103_161249 20131103_161252 20131103_161305

…and we headed to the Fotografiska, which is the photography museum.  Of the nice exhibitions we went to see, we weren’t allowed to take pictures. I still managed to get a few of the well-stocked library on the ground floor. Since the museum is located by the bay where the cruises liners stand, we ended the day with quite a beautiful view of the city.

20131103_174728 20131103_174759




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