Eurovision 2014 : Hungary (2/3)

For the 3rd year in a row, A Dal is the national Hungarian selection for the Eurovision Song Contest.  With 30 entries competing again this year, Hungary is organising one of the bigger national finals this year, and I am very thankful to them about this, no matter the quality of the songs.

After the disappointment of Laura’s elimination last Saturday, I have to say that I was massively impressed by the quality of the songs this week – with an allocation of the songs to the different Heats appearing as pretty unfair to me now that I believe all these songs are above the ones that were in the opening Heat (average of 2.35/5 for the songs of the 1st Heat, against 4.05/5 for the 2nd).

Here are the marks I gave to this week’s entries (out of 5) :


Can the songs in the final Heat do better than this ? Answer next week-end !


One thought on “Eurovision 2014 : Hungary (2/3)

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