Asa : Beautiful Imperfection (2010)

Listening to Asa’s Beautiful Imperfection gets you to enter a place which feels everything but foreign or hostile.  The various tracks of this album gently invite you to hear stories highly appreciable.

Right from the start you know that Asa’s got nothing new to tell us. It however surprisingly isn’t a bad element of the album at all, even actually turning out to be part of its better ones ; and all the talent that characterises this genuine artist makes you understand that.

All the greatest stories in the world manage to talk to us mainly because of the meaning they’re reaching us with. Meaning is what makes Asa’s album a powerful piece of musical production. Therefore, the very first track “Why can’t we” overwhelms you straight away with an overload of positive feelings, a sweet and warm embrace that you just can’t feel unreached by.

The atmosphere of this album is very laid-back, quiet, and there’s a great sense of lightness, which manages to take you somewhere you don’t want to get back from; to find out that it simply is life.

Asa is telling us about life, and even when the stories she sings and the lyrics aren’t so joyful, you are given a new notion, a new way to perceive things. And the talent, especially here in the composition, is all the more remarkable that her identity is brilliantly declined throughout the tracks to create a symbiotic , perfect whole. A whole even offering us songs in Yoruba (one of Nigeria’s main languages), feeling so natural, it’s as if we understood them ; the power of meaning greatly mastered by Asa, here at its best and in this album full of eloquent and evocative pieces.

Through lyrics meticulously written as the instruments chosen are, Asa manages to speak directly to our hearts and feelings casting a light on life as a gift, and all the happiness to experience and live for us all, Beautiful Imperfections.



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