The universal trek of humanity

A very long trip through space and time to understand the depths and the complexity of human behaviours and feelings ; that’s pretty much what we het whenever an episode of the worldwide famous Star Trek is on.

These series were followed at the time they were originally aired by a non negligible number of people among whom what society calls, this type of person it has now apparently become trendy to be ; the Geeks.

The relationship is understandable and you really can’t deny that after decades of exclusion and seclusion and even bullying, they eventually found a way to talk to the majority by using codes we all understand to deliver a pretty simple message; that is we all are geeks somehow. And this is how in this recent fashion of the 2010’s, films that are produced and released, about stories originally written for television or for the pleasure of the comic readers, are so popular today, and will surely keep on coming and going over again in the future, especially with we consider the link with technological  advancement through times.

It always is a story that takes us in a land and/or period only in dreams we can find ourselves, and this can only duplicate the appeal of the film, this time taking place in 2259 between Earth and other planets in the immensity of the universe.

So obviously, one could see quite some conceit in this conception that humans are so big the whole universe has to bear its problems, but there’s nothing more human than that, and the fight good/evil will always remain one of the core elements. An element that is all the more remarkably dealt with that the board between both is permanently questioned.

The characters remain strongly established and very keenly worked and played, like fundamentally anchored representatives of the different personality traits that characterise us all , Spoke remaining genuinely fascinating.

We thus can’t help but feel part of the trips and the fights led by the crew of the USS Enterprise through time and space, because this is how, once the film is over, we command our own ships.

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