Eurovision 2014 : Switzerland’s SRF Internet Selection

As it’s been the case for a few years now, the German-speaking part of Switzerland’s public broadcaster has decided to launch an internet selection to find the artist(s) who may represent the whole country in the Eurovision Song Contest. This system is interesting in the sense that literally anyone can submit let’s say…something, yeah literally anyone can send something…

01 / The piece I labelled as “Weirdest”


02/ The video homophobes will love


03/The song that we feel could be better




05/ The song that won’t make you regret the 80’s are over


06/ The funny very eurovisiony entry


07/ Crime committed here

New_Picture_6_ (1)

08/ If you haven’t seen this, you’ve seen nothing

New_Picture_7_ (1)

09/ More than a simple waste of time

New_Picture_8_ (1)

10/ She really shouldn’t have, at all

New_Picture_9_ (1)

You have until tomorrow morning 8.00 AM to submit your vote ! There !

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