Going to Sweden

A few weeks ago, I went to Sweden, realizing a dream I had for years. This article is the first part about one of the most exciting trips I went on in my life.

It would be a lie to say (like the common expression goes) that I have always been fascinated by this country and its culture because my initial birthplace and background which are like the exact opposite just don’t usually help people I grew up with to develop such an interest at an early age. Yet, personal curiosity and development greatly contributed to me open to such an extent. How is that possible, will you say?

Well, it’s the different experiences you go through, all those tiny elements that have fell on you that you have come across at specific moments, right moments that will create and strengthen the feeling without even noticing it.

I guess it mainly started with music, since it is the one international language everyone understands, which started to draw my attention towards the country. Now, when you think that Sweden is the 3rd most music exporting country in the world, you’d really have to live secluded not to be able to give at least one Swedish band or artist name. My early interest in the Eurovision Song Contest, greatly led me to focus on what is commonly called “schlager” there, more or less meaning pop music.

Apart from that and still focusing on the basics, it would be a crime for me not to mention IKEA, which the disconcerting simplicity and yet beauty and efficiency of the design really represent one of the best model of economic success, and model/example in the whole world (I was gonna say the Western world but just found out that world’s 2nd biggest store of the franchise is in China).

Both things thus already left me a very positive picture of the country. Yet, you might think it’s a ridiculously little number of elements o push you to actually visit a place; but how many countries are visited every year for tourism only because they were found nice looking on TV ?

If I finally have to give a little more to explain the plan of a trip; I will add :

-it’s a monarchy

-they don’t have Euros


-The high HDI

-the Nobel price

So this little piling up of reasons pushed me to actually start learning the language over 3 years ago now and going to the country (to spend all my money in it) was the final step to take for me because I don’t intend to live there, living happily enough in my native area.


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